Heating Maintenance Service in the San Antonio Metro Area

San Antonio winters are short and sudden, but you can trust Airspeed Heating and Cooling to protect you and your heating system. Our heating maintenance services and furnace tune-ups ensure your heating system is safe and efficient.

Regular Heater Maintenance Has Health Benefits

A broken heater can endanger you and your family. When the heater has combustion issues, the amount of carbon monoxide emitted by the unit can increase. Additionally, trapped dust can degrade the quality of your indoor air.

The following heater components should be cleaned regularly:

  • Coils
  • Blower
  • Air ducts
  • Motor
  • Filters

To maintain your heating system, we test the following:

Condenser coils

Residential Heating Maintenance is Key

The best approach to get the most out of your heating system, regardless of its kind, is to schedule routine maintenance. Annual heating maintenance is critical to ensure your system’s long and successful service life, as well as to keep it functioning as efficiently and effectively as possible for as long as feasible. Our residential heating services provide your family with the peace of mind they deserve.

Take advantage of our maintenance plan if you really want to maximize your heating maintenance services. When you sign up, you’ll get a comprehensive examination and tune-up, as well as the following advantages:

Repairs are discounted by 15%.
There are no overtime rates.
Save money on energy by improving operational efficiency.
Carbon monoxide safety inspection
Service life extension
functioning is smoother and quieter
Next service reminders are sent automatically.
Response time of 24 hours

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Heating System being repaired by Air Speed in San Antonio

Heating Maintenance FAQs

What does heat maintenance mean?

Heat maintenance means that our technicians will check your heating system for any problems or malfunctions. This service includes a visual inspection of the entire heating system as well as an assessment of its performance. We’ll also perform a thorough cleaning.

What is a Tune-Up?

A tune-up is an annual service that includes cleaning or replacing parts on your heating equipment. It’s also important to have regular inspections for leaks and wear and tear.

How Often Should I Have My Furnace Tuned Up?

It depends on how old your home is and what kind of heating system it has. A new home built after 2008 will need its furnace tuned up every year. If your home was built before 2000, then it might only need a tune-up once per winter.

Why Do You Need Regular Heating Maintenance Services?

Having your heating system inspected annually helps prevent problems from developing. This prevents costly repairs down the road.

Can I Get a Discount if I Schedule Annual Heating Maintenance?

Yes! We offer discounts to customers who schedule their annual tune-ups with us.

Can I Use Your Heating System as a Backup Heat Source?

You may use your heating system as a backup heat source during power outages. However, this isn’t recommended because it’s not energy efficient.

How often should a heating system be serviced?

Your heating system needs to be serviced at least twice a year. The first time should be around Labor Day weekend. The second time should be around Memorial Day Weekend.

Are There Any Parts That Are Not Serviceable During Annual Heating Maintenance?

No. All parts are serviceable during annual heating maintenance.

How much does it cost to service your heater?

Our standard service fee is $99.00. This covers all parts needed to repair your heating system.

Do You Offer Emergency Heating Repair?

We do provide emergency heating repair when necessary. Call our office immediately if there is a problem with your heating system.

What does heater maintenance include?

During our annual heating maintenance, we inspect the following:

  • Furnace
  • Ductwork
  • Exhaust fan
  • Electrical wiring
  • Blowers
  • Filters
  • Cabinets

If any of these items are damaged, they will be replaced upon your approval.

What Are Some Signs That My Heating System Needs to Be Serviced?

If your heating system doesn’t run properly, there could be several signs. These include:

  • Low fuel level
  • Noisy operation
  • Strange odors
  • Visible smoke coming out of vents

If any of these symptoms occur, call our office immediately.

When you think about your HVAC system, do you ever wonder why it needs to be serviced so often? The answer is simple: it’s a machine that works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do – keep you warm when it’s cold outside and cool when it’s hot outside. But like all machines, it requires routine maintenance to work efficiently.

When it comes to your HVAC system’s performance, you want to make sure that it performs at peak efficiency. In other words, you don’t want to spend money on unnecessary repairs. And since you pay for your HVAC system through your monthly utility bill, you want to avoid spending more than necessary.

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Airspeed guarantees 1-year repairs and 10-year parts and installation. Work, equipment, and services are guaranteed. Your home comfort should be risk-free!