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When it comes to new heating systems, there are numerous options. At Airspeed Heating and Cooling, we offer a wide range of furnace installation services that will help you choose the best option for your home.

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  • The installation of furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, and heating systems of all makes and models.
  • Brand-name heating systems from Amana, Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Rudd, Trane, and York are available.
  • Heater installation service can be scheduled at your convenience.
  • HVAC technicians who have been trained and are NATE certified.
  • Background-checked, drug-tested, and experienced personnel
  • All home heater installations come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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To ensure that your new home’s heating and cooling systems are properly installed and maintained, you must enlist the services of a trusted HVAC contractor. Installing a new furnace can be a success or a failure, leaving you with a well-functioning system or one that requires constant repairs.

Call Air Speed Heating and Cooling for the best heater installation in the San Antonio metro area. You can rest easy knowing that your home’s HVAC system is operating properly after installation thanks to our experienced, professional service technicians.

Do you require the installation of a new furnace? You can rely on our San Antonio heating company for the best technicians and customer service. When you call, you can be sure that you’ll get only the best service from us.

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Furnace Repair & Installation
AC Repair & Installation
Air Ducts Repair & Installation

HVAC Technician installing new furnace in San Antonio

A furnace is a very important piece of equipment that keeps your home warm during cold weather. It also helps keep your home cool during hot weather. The best way to maintain your furnace is to have regular maintenance done. You may not realize that some simple things can cause your furnace to break down. Here are four common reasons why your furnace could stop working.

1. Furnace Filter Replacement

A furnace filter is designed to trap dirt particles so they don’t enter your home. When your furnace filter becomes dirty, it causes airflow problems which can lead to other issues. To prevent this problem, make sure you replace your furnace filter regularly.

2. Burner Problems

If your burner stops working, then your furnace won’t work either. This can happen because of many different reasons. Make sure you contact your HVAC technician immediately if you suspect any of the following symptoms:

• No flames

• Burning smell

• Smoke coming out of the chimney

3. Airflow Issues

If your airflow isn’t good enough, it can affect the efficiency of your furnace. That’s why you must ensure that there is proper ventilation in your home. Ensure that all windows and doors are open for maximum airflow.

4. Electrical System Malfunction

If your electrical system malfunctions, then your furnace won’t start. The electric system consists of two main components: the power supply and the control board. Both parts must function correctly for your furnace to operate.

Furnace Installation Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a ductless system and a conventional forced-air system?

A ductless HVAC system uses an electric fan or blower to move warm air through the vents instead of using ductwork. A ductless system is more efficient than a traditional forced-air system because it does not require as much energy to circulate the air.

How do I choose which type of HVAC system to install?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a furnace installation company. The most important consideration is whether the installer has experience installing both gas and electric furnaces. It’s also helpful if they have experience working in older homes because many homeowners don’t realize how different their old furnace needs to be replaced.

Where should my furnace go?

If you already have a chimney, you may need to make some adjustments before installing your new furnace. If you have a brick chimney, you may have to remove a few bricks to allow room for the furnace. You may also have to widen the opening of the flue pipe so that it fits around the furnace.

Is it possible to add insulation to my existing ductwork?

Yes, it is possible to insulate the ductwork in your home. This can reduce your monthly utility bills by up to 20 percent. To learn more about this process, contact us today!

Do I need a permit to replace my furnace?

Yes, you will need a building permit to replace any part of your house. However, you only need a permit if you are replacing your entire furnace.

Furnace Installation

Are there any benefits to having a professional install my furnace?

It is always better to hire a professional to perform your furnace installation. They will ensure everything goes smoothly and correctly. Also, it is recommended that you use a licensed contractor to avoid costly mistakes.

Can I get financing for my furnace installation?

Yes, you can apply for financing through a local bank or credit union. Contact one of our representatives to find out more information.

Should I buy a brand name or a generic furnace?

This depends entirely on what kind of warranty you want from your furnace. Brand-name furnaces usually include a longer warranty period. Generic furnaces typically cost less money but are made by smaller companies.

Should I invest in a programmable thermostat?

Programmable thermostats save you time and money by automatically adjusting your temperature settings based on your schedule. For example, if you leave early in the morning, your thermostat will turn down your heat at night. If you arrive home late at night, your thermostat might raise your heat back up again.

What size furnace should I buy?

The size of your furnace is determined by the square footage of your home. Most people purchase a furnace with a capacity of 15 cubic feet per minute (cfm).

When should I change my furnace filter?

Your furnace filter should be changed every three months. If you notice dust collecting on the filters, then it’s time to clean them.

How do I know if my furnace needs to be replaced?

You should check your furnace once a year to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Some signs that your furnace needs to be replaced are:

• A strong odor coming from your vents

• Your furnace doesn’t run properly

• Your furnace isn’t heating your home as efficiently as it used to

• Your furnace makes loud noises

• Your furnace uses too much energy

• Your furnace has an unusual amount of wear and tear

We hope these questions help you decide whether you need a new furnace installed in your home. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you, please give us a call today!

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