Residential Heating Services in San Antonio, TX

If you are in need of residential heating services, we would love to help! Airspeed Heating and Cooling is a reputable company and we pride ourselves on providing friendly, reliable service that you can hang your hat on. Contact us today for an estimate!

Residential Heat Pump Installation

The winter months can be brutal on a home, and especially for those who have to live in it. It’s not uncommon to see your furnace or boiler running 24 hours a day to keep the temperature at an acceptable level. This is because they are using energy-inefficient methods of providing heat to your home. A heat pump uses much less energy than other residential heating sources and provides a more consistent temperature throughout the house. Airspeed Heating and Cooling have been installing residential heat pumps for many years, so you know that their expertise will ensure your system works well into the future!

Two residential heating Pumps Installed in San Antonio home
Technician repairing heat pump

Residential Heat Pump Repair

As the winter season approaches, homeowners may be thinking about heating and cooling their homes. Airspeed Heating and Cooling provides Residential Heat Pump Repair services to help you keep your house comfortable all year long.

We offer all types of heat pump repair services, including installation, maintenance, replacement, and repairs. Our technicians are experienced in various residential heating systems, including air-source heat pumps. We have the knowledge and skills to get your system back up and running quickly so that you can enjoy a comfortable home again!

Residential Furnace Installation

You want to keep your home warm and cozy all year round, but it is hard when you are dealing with an old inefficient furnace. Airspeed Heating and Cooling can install a new high-efficiency furnace in your home that will help save on utility bills while keeping you comfortable all winter long.

With quality installation workmanship from HVAC professionals who care about customer service, there’s no need for anyone to wait until it gets really cold before they start thinking about getting their residential heating system replaced!

Installing a new furnace in San Antonio home
Technician repairing a home furnace

Residential Furnace Repair

One of the most important aspects of your home heating system is your furnace. It provides you and your family with warmth in the winter and cool air in the summer, which means it’s vital that yours works properly.

If you’re experiencing problems with this essential appliance, don’t wait any longer: contact Airspeed Heating and Cooling today! We have highly skilled technicians who can diagnose any issues with your residential furnace repair as soon as possible.

Residential HVAC Maintenance

Airspeed Heating and Cooling is proud to offer residential heating maintenance plans. We work hard to ensure that our customers are comfortable all year round by providing professional services for installation, service, repair, and maintenance of heating systems.

Our HVAC technicians have over 20 years of experience in the industry, and we use only top-of-the-line products that meet or exceed all safety standards. Contact us today if you need more information about residential HVAC Maintenance Plans from Airspeed!

Changing filter in a furnace as maintenance

Residential Heating FAQs

Why Choose Airspeed For My Home Heating Services?

AirSpeed Heating and Cooling provide Furnace & Heating repair, installation, and maintenance. We will help ensure your home is warm and comfortable during those cold days. Additionally, help keep your energy bills in check. We offer a comprehensive Fall Check with 19 points of inspection to ensure your home heating system is running at maximum potential. Ensuring your furnace and home heating are running efficiently is critical when providing your home with stable temperatures all year round.

AIRSPEED HEATING AND COOLING provides Furnace and Heating Repair, Installation, and Maintenance.
When the time comes to replace a furnace in an existing central heating system or install a totally new system, you want equipment that minimizes costs and delivers dependable comfort for your family – season after season. AirSpeed Heating and Cooling with over 20 years of experience can assist you in making the best decision with your comfort systems. We have experience repairing and installing quality and high-efficiency systems, gas and electric furnaces, and heat pumps.

What do Good Furnaces Have in Common?

The best furnaces are efficient. They keep a home warm and comfortable. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year. And they are quiet, long-lasting, and low in service frequency and cost.

Which Furnaces are Energy-Efficient?

When a furnace loses or wastes heat, it requires more energy to keep your home warm. Some furnaces lose heat through the walls of the furnace cabinet. Energy-efficient furnaces like Ruud’s full line of state-of-the-art models significantly reduce this loss with a blanket of insulation that lines inside the cabinet walls. When a gas furnace is not in operation, most send a steady, wasteful draft of warm household air traveling up the venting system and out the roof.

The Ruud Classic® Series and Classic® Plus Lines – with AFUE ratings of 78% and better – feature an induced-draft blower that works in conjunction with a hot surface ignition system to pull hot gases through the heat exchanger at a constant and controlled rate of flow. As the burner cycles off, the draft blower stops, keeping the heating air in the system. A high-efficiency furnace generally wears a higher price tag, but it can make up the difference by reducing operating costs over the long run. And with today’s consumer interest in efficiency, such equipment enhances the bottom line of your home. Talk to us about your furnace repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

Are Some Heat Pumps Better Than Others?

Naturally, energy efficiency is important. But when making your selection, remember low operating costs are little comfort if service and repair bills are high. Don’t be sold on energy efficiency alone. We carry heat pumps from Ruud, the only manufacturer to install the Compliant Scroll® Compressor, the industry best, in its entire residential heat pump line.

What Should I Know About SEER and HSPF?

The Department of Energy requires all air-conditioning and heating equipment manufacturers to evaluate and rate the efficiency of their equipment on a seasonal basis. These ratings are known as the SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating for air conditioners and the HSPF or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor for heating equipment. Heat pumps use both numbers. The higher the SEER or HSPF rating, the more efficient the heat pump. High-efficiency units cost more. But since operating costs are lower, the payback period may be shorter than you realize. A high SEER/HSPF heat pump also can add value to your home, which is important to today’s energy-conscious home buyers.


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