Air Conditioning Replacement in San Antonio

Ready to replace your air conditioning unit in San Antonio? The experts at Air Speed Heating and Cooling have you covered by helping you choose a new model to install. We’ll help you decide which quality system is right for your home—and budget—including energy-efficient and high-efficiency models.

When Should Your Air Conditioner Be Repaired or Replaced?

It may be difficult to tell whether it’s time to get a new air conditioner. It’s time to ponder a new one if you see these signs.

  • Your cooling expenses are increasing in price. Your air conditioner loses efficiency as it gets older. It will then start consuming more energy in order to keep your house warm.
  • Your home is overly humid. Your air conditioner will struggle to keep your home cool if it is less efficient. Higher humidity and hot and chilly regions are some of the indicators.
  • Your air conditioner is constantly running. You should expect your air conditioner to switch on more frequently when the temperature is hotter than usual. An inefficient air conditioner will have to work overtime to keep your home comfortable, even on cooler days. This leads to increased wear and tear as well as a higher energy cost.
  • It’s time to replace your old air conditioner. Air conditioners can last up to 15 years with regular maintenance. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, installing a new air conditioner when it’s 10 years old will save you 20% to 40% on your utility expenses.
  • Repairing your air conditioner is costing you a lot of money. There is no longer any production of this refrigerant due to its harmful impact on the ozone layer in air conditioning repair. The cost of repairing a refrigerant leak on an R-22 air conditioner is quite high because the refrigerant is only accessible from limited recycled sources.

Something has to change, and you know it. You may not want to wholly acknowledge it, but the time has come to face the truth: your home’s air conditioner replacement is imminent. Do not fear; as the leading San Antonio air conditioning service provider, we are here to make the process go rapidly and smoothly.

How else will you know when air conditioner replacement is the way to go? Well, we have a couple of thoughts to consider when you think it may be time to replace your AC:

  • Is your AC more than 8 years old? If so, it could be operating at a much less efficient rate than new money-saving models available now, and monthly payments on a more energy-efficient system may outweigh annual repair costs on the old one.
  • Air conditioners that are more than 15 years old generally cause your AC repairs to be more costly and frequent due to the elimination of their R22 refrigerant and as parts deteriorate. Why pay more to fix an old system when the parts are outdated or potentially unavailable?
  • Counting on routine AC repair can cost a fortune in the long run, and in the end, your AC is not as efficient as it could be. New technology, rebates, and our fast and easy financing programs may work together to make the monthly cost of a new system close to, equal to, or possibly greater than the utility savings you may experience. In other words, the new system may pay for itself in energy savings.
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No matter your budget, Air Speed Heating and Cooling has an air conditioner that will meet your comfort and efficiency needs. Whether you need the latest, greatest, highest-efficiency model or a basic upgrade, we’re happy to help you decide what makes the most sense for you and your home.

Air conditioner replacement can be stressful and a big undertaking, but with the helpful and caring assistance of your Air Speed Heating and Cooling team members, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. Go ahead and schedule a free appointment with us so we can help get the process started and provide you with a free estimate. Give us a call at 210-320-5137 – we’re more than happy to help make your home the most comfortable it has ever been with our FREE custom comfort analysis.

AC Replacement FAQs

Is it worth it to replace my AC unit?

Replacing an air conditioner is always a good idea. However, there are many factors that come into play before deciding to go ahead with a replacement. For instance, how much do you spend on electricity each month? How long has your current air conditioner been working? Do you need to replace your air conditioner because it is not keeping your home cool enough? Is your air conditioner making too much noise? If so, replacing it could be a very expensive decision.

How often should I change my filter?

Changing your air filter regularly helps maintain clean indoor air. Changing filters every three months is recommended. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for changing your filter.

How to know if your air conditioner needs replacement?

There are several ways to determine if your air conditioner requires replacement. First, take note of the following:

• Does your air conditioner use a lot of energy?

• Are your monthly electric bills going up?

• Is your air conditioner turning on more frequently?

If you notice any of these symptoms, it might be time to consider getting a new air conditioner installed.

What type of air conditioner should I buy?

When choosing a new air conditioner, you must first decide whether you want to install a window or central air conditioner. Window units are cheaper but require more maintenance. Central air conditioners are more expensive but they offer better performance.

Which one is right for me?

The best way to choose which type of air conditioner is right for you is by checking out our website. We provide detailed information about all types of air conditioners.

What does AC replacement include?

AC replacement includes everything needed to get your air conditioner replaced. It includes installation, parts, labor, and accessories.

Who can help me with AC replacement?

Our technicians are trained professionals who are ready to assist you with AC replacement. They can also answer any questions you may have regarding your new air conditioner.

Why should I trust Air Speed Heating and Cooling?

We are licensed and insured. We provide quality service at affordable prices. We guarantee satisfaction!

Should I replace my 25-year-old air conditioner?

Yes, if you notice any of the following symptoms:

• Your air conditioner uses a lot of energy

• You pay a higher than the normal electric bill

• Your air conditioner is running more frequently

• Your air conditioning makes loud noises

Air conditioning repair is important when you live in hot climates. When temperatures rise, you will need to make sure that your air conditioner works properly. A broken air conditioner can cause discomfort and even health problems.

How often should the AC unit be replaced?

It depends on your climate and how well your air conditioner is performing. In most cases, you should have your air conditioner serviced once per year. The frequency of servicing depends on the age of your air conditioner.

Can I save money by doing AC maintenance myself?

You can save some money by doing AC maintenance yourself. However, you must understand what you’re doing. It is easy to damage your air conditioner if you don’t know what you are doing. Our professional technicians can do this job quickly and efficiently.

Is there an AC warranty?

All of our air conditioners come with a 1-year limited warranty. This means that we will fix or replace your air conditioner free of charge during its first year. If your air conditioner breaks down after the first year, however, you will be responsible for paying for repairs.

Is 15 SEER worth the money?

15 SEER is not always worth the extra cost. Some people think that buying a high SEER air conditioner is the only way to cool their home effectively. But, there are other factors that determine the efficiency of your air conditioner besides SEER rating. For example, the size of your house, number of rooms, location of windows, and insulation levels play a role in determining the amount of heat that escapes from your home. Therefore, it’s very difficult to say that a 15 SEER air conditioner will work better than a 10 SEER air conditioner.

How can I make my air conditioner last longer?

There are several things that you can do to extend the life of your air conditioner:

1) Make sure that the outdoor condenser coil is clean. Dirt and dust build up over time and clog the coils. Clean them regularly.

2) Keep the filter clean. Dirty filters reduce airflow through the system and lower its efficiency.

3) Use proper ventilation. If possible, open all doors and windows to allow fresh air into your home.

4) Maintain the compressor. Check the motor periodically for signs of wear. Replace worn parts as needed.

5) Change the refrigerant every 5 years. Refrigerants change over time and may become less effective.

6) Install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats help you conserve energy by turning off your heating and cooling systems when they aren’t being used.

7) Have your air conditioner inspected annually. We recommend having your air conditioner checked at least once per year.

8) Be careful about using too much water. Overly humid conditions can lead to mold growth inside your air conditioner. Mold can damage your air conditioner and increase the likelihood of future breakdowns.

9) Don’t overload your air conditioning system. Too many people use their air conditioners while they are running. They leave their air conditioners on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This causes the unit to run more often than necessary. When your air conditioner runs more often than it should, it uses more electricity. The excess electricity costs you money!

10) Do not block vents. Blocked vents cause poor circulation. This reduces the effectiveness of your air conditioner.

11) Don’t let pets climb on top of your air conditioner unit. Pets can get stuck under the blower fan and suffocate.

12) Avoid extreme temperatures. Extreme cold or hot weather can shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner and cause it to break down prematurely.

13) Never turn your air conditioner on if it has been raining. Rainy weather increases humidity which makes your air conditioner work harder.

14) Don’t forget to check the owner’s manual before operating your air conditioner. Many owners’ manuals have instructions on how to properly maintain their air conditioner.

15) Follow these tips and you’ll be able to keep your air conditioner working well for a long time.

What is the difference between a 14 SEER and a 16 SEER?

A 14 SEER air conditioner provides approximately 6% more cooling capacity than a 12 SEER air conditioner (and 2% more than an 11 SEER). A 16 SEER air conditioner offers approximately 8% more cooling capacity than an 11 SEER air conditioner.

How does the heat pump compare with other types of air conditioning units?

The heat pump is one of the most efficient ways to cool your home. It works by transferring heat from outside air to inside air instead of moving warm air around. Because the heat pump doesn’t need to move air around, it requires fewer moving parts and is quieter than traditional central air conditioning units.

Why do I need to replace my air conditioner?

Your air conditioner will eventually fail. Air conditioners last 10-20 years depending on the model and type of installation. If you don’t plan ahead and replace your air conditioner when it needs replacing, you could end up paying thousands of dollars in repair bills.

How do I know when it’s time to change out my air conditioner? How do I find a good replacement?

Your air conditioner may start to make unusual noises. These sounds include:

• Rattling noise – The compressor is making a rattling sound.

• Humming noise – There is a humming sound coming from the air conditioner.

• Grinding noise – The blower wheel is grinding against something.

If you hear any of these noises, it means that there is a problem with your air conditioner. You should contact a professional HVAC technician immediately.

To help you choose the right size air conditioner for your home, we’ve created this guide.

How much does it cost to install an indoor air quality system?

An IAQ system can range anywhere from $1,000-$5,000. It depends on the size of the room, the number of occupants, whether or not ductwork is required, and the complexity of the system.

Can I use a portable air conditioner during the summer months?

Yes! Portable air conditioners are great for small rooms where space is limited. They also provide excellent comfort while saving energy.

How often should I clean my air filter?

Air filters should be cleaned at least once per month. This helps remove dust and dirt particles from the air. If you notice a foul odor coming from your air conditioner, you should contact a professional HVAC technician as soon as possible.

How do I avoid getting sick from moldy air?

Mold spores are everywhere. When you breathe them in, they can cause allergies, asthma attacks, and even cancer. To prevent mold growth in your home, follow these tips:

• Clean all surfaces regularly using a damp cloth.

• Remove excess moisture from carpets and floors.

• Keep windows open.

• Avoid storing items such as clothing, shoes, and bedding in closets, basements, and attics.

• Use fans to circulate air throughout your home.

• Don’t smoke near your home.

What is the best way to keep my house cooler in the summer?

One of the easiest ways to keep your house cooler is to close your blinds and curtains. Closing your shades keeps sunlight out of your home, which lowers your heating costs.

Is it safe to have a humidifier running in my home?

Humidifiers create humidity in the air. They’re used to treat conditions like dry skin, sinus infections, and colds. However, too much humidity can lead to mold growth. If you see signs of mold growing in your home, you should call a professional HVAC contractor.

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