Air Conditioning Maintenance Service in San Antonio

Annual air conditioning maintenance in San Antonio has a number of actual benefits for your air conditioner, including better reliability, a potentially longer life expectancy, and up to 30% energy savings. It also keeps your important manufacturer’s warranty valid, protecting you in the event that a critical component fails during the warranty term.

Does Your AC Require Maintenance?

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During maintenance, our technicians will inspect and clean critical components of your air conditioner. Among the tasks performed during a tune-up are:

  • Electrical connections are tightened. This ensures that your system cools properly.
  • Parts are lubricated. Friction from moving parts can cause your system to malfunction more frequently or quickly if it isn’t lubricated.
  • The condensate drain line needs to be cleaned. Mold and clogs, which can lead to leaks, are removed by cleaning this line.
  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils. These coils become dirty over time, reducing airflow and heat absorption capacity.
  • Make sure Coil fins are straightened. The coils’ aluminum fins can bend and restrict airflow.
  • Investigating the system’s controls. This ensures that your system starts running, and shuts down properly.

Between tune-ups, you should perform some routine maintenance on your own.

  • Replace the air filter if necessary. Every few months, we recommend changing your air filter. This improves the efficiency of your air conditioner. If you have pets or someone in your household suffers from allergies, you may need to replace your filter more frequently.
  • Clear the debris. On the outside of your system, leaves, dirt, and grass clippings can accumulate. This reduces capacity and reduces airflow. Trim back shrubs and plants that are close to the unit.

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AC Maintenance FAQs?

What is AC Maintenance?

It’s the process of keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly by performing routine checks on its components and systems.

Why should I have my AC serviced?

The most important reason is that an annual AC service will extend the life of your air conditioner. An extended lifespan means fewer repairs, less downtime, and lower costs.

How often should I schedule an AC Service?

The best time to get your AC serviced is at least once per year. Scheduling a yearly service can save you money in the long run because it extends the life of your air conditioning unit.

How much does AC Maintenance cost?

Annual AC maintenance services are typically priced between $100-$200 depending on the size of your home or business.

Is there anything else I should know about AC Maintenance?

Yes. The following information may help you decide whether or not to have your AC serviced:

  • Your air conditioning system has been installed correctly and properly maintained over time.
  • You’ve had your air conditioning system inspected annually by a qualified HVAC professional.
  • Your air conditioning system is operating within recommended limits.
  • You’re using the right amount of cooling power.

If any of these conditions apply, then it’s probably safe to skip having your AC serviced this year. However, if none of them apply, then you’ll want to schedule your AC maintenance as soon as possible.

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